Mayweather VS McGregor

So it is now official, on August 26, 2017 Connor McGregor will try to deliver Floyd Mayweather his first loss in the boxing ring. I never watch any fighting events, with the only exception being Mayweather’s fight against Pacquiao; which honestly for myself and apparently most of the fighting fan base was quite underwhelming. But this fight I will be watching, I am not going to miss it for the world.

This match-up is one that is quite bizarre to say the least, we have a flaming hot MMA superstar going up against and aging boxing legend. From my brief investigation into comparing these foes it appears McGregor is younger, taller, slightly heavier, and has a 2″ reach advantage. Will a 40 year old veteran be able to hold his ground against a 28 year old who is in their prime? My guess would be no.

I want to Mayweather to win, I don’t care about his cocky behaviour or lifestyle, and even if I did McGregor is just as cocky, if not more. I don’t care about anything relating to an athlete other than their athletic performance, and I can’t understand those that do. Mayweather was able to beat Pacquiao by just playing the system perfectly; he held back and made sure to connect on his punches, while simultaniously making sure Pacquiao missed enough of his. If it comes to playing the system against McGregor, Maywether would win without a doubt, he’s the superior boxer. I would not be surprised if McGregors path to victory is to come out guns blazing and go for the knockout, as he is more than capable.

So while I desire for Mayweather to win and retire 50-0, effectively cementing his place as a legendary fighter as the boxing industry slowly fades, if I had to place a bet I would choose McGregor to stand victorious. While McGregor has lost a few professional fights, Mayweather doesn’t know what it feels like to lose on a professional stage; but he may learn how it feels on August 26th.





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