Las Vegas After the Expansion Draft

So the expansion draft is complete, Vegas is looking good, and they could have quite a respectable first season coming up. George McPhee really did a good job writing the first chapter of the new story entitled “Las Vegas Golden Knights.”

McPhee has done a couple key things well that will set up the Golden Knights for future success. These first major actions as GM have shown he is more than up to the task of handling an expansion team effectively.

Firstly he told everyone that they would not make a pick without talking to the team first, this is an important relationship building exercise that plays a dual role. The obvious result of this is that they may get some extra draft picks and depth players which will be a key factor in the future success of this franchise. The result that some may not realize is the creation of a friendly relationship between this organization and others, McPhee has extended a friendly hand to the other teams to cooperate and get both sides the best result. This friendly relationship with the other organizations will play a pivotal role in the trading success of the Golden Knights in future seasons.

McPhee loaded up on as many defenders as he could as they are the hot commodity in the league right now, and create the best opportunity of trading for assets. With the large selection of defenders that the Golden knights had, they were able to move a couple before the NHL Entry Draft for even more picks to help develop their team from the very beginning. McPhee took two general types of players in the expansion draft: those that would stay with the team after their contract expires, and those that can be moved for picks before the Entry Draft / moved to a contender for the 2017/18 cup for assets to build the future.

DC5GPmoWAAAnbKb.jpg large
Golden Knights Expansion Draft Roster

As you can see Vegas got their hands on lots of defenders, and lots of picks for the Entry Draft. Keep in mind the picture below just shows what they acquired, and they also have their pick in each round on top of that.

DC5Z_qnXcAAYBlI.jpg large
Golden Knights 2017 Entry Draft Acquired Picks

Of course McPhee gathered as many picks for the Entry Draft as he could get his hands on, because a quick start on the development from withing front is key to having a successful franchise fast. At the Entry Draft the Golden Knights had three picks in the first round, including the 6th overall, this is key to the future endeavors of the franchise.

At the end of the day McPhee had a very successful first off-season; garnering large quantities of draft picks, young players for their future, defenders and veterans for trading, and developing a friendly relationship with all the other franchises. This Golden knights team could be a contender in just a few years, that really is the reality of the situation. McPhee and the Golden knights organization where put in a position where if done correctly they could have great success, and McPhee did it correctly.

Also these uniforms are amazing, I can’t believe some people don’t like them.







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